Colors of Resistance

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On the road:  Seeking new definitions of an identity that is often received as nonexistent.

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Colors of Resistance is a personal journey that questions the concept of belonging to a place that is struggling to survive, inside and outside its own borders. A painter, a comedian, a poet, a hip-hop artist and a sole singer have figured out ways to solidify their belonging to Palestine - the very place that is being deprived of its own right to exist. Regardless of their generation, gender or profession, these artists have used their various voices to challenge the annihilation of their identity.

Filmmaker Areeb Zuaiter tries to understand how her kids will relate to a hometown in which they may never live. How will they manifest their identity despite the challenges they will face when they speak about it? "This issue started dominating my mind after my mother’s passing. I began searching for answers through conversations with people who used similar tools as my mother once did to express their identity - tools of art", Zuaiter explains. Her journey sneaks into the worlds of five artists who use their artforms to tell who they are and where they come from. Through this coming home film, Zuaiter navigates concepts of survival, homeland, existence and assimilation.


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